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Patterns of Power/Revision Professional Development:

Our team of consultants provide professional development that engages participants with grade-level-appropriate content in order to effectively implement Patterns of Power, Patterns of Wonder, or Patterns of Revision.

Full day, half-day, or 90 minute workshops are available either in person or virtually. 


Our consultants also provide follow-up professional development with deeper dives, curriculum alignment, and in-class modeling of the Patterns-of-Power process or Patterns-of-Revision process

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We also offer on-demand virtual PD through the Warren Instructional Network. These sessions are pre-recorded, and you will have unlimited access for one week upon registering. Click here and scroll to register:

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Other Literacy-Focused Professional Development:

Grades PreK-5 with Whitney and Grades 6-12 with Travis:

Whitney and Travis consult with campus and district leaders and provide professional development for teachers in a variety of ways focused on topics beyond Patterns of Power. They can tailor any of their work to the needs of your campus or district. 


PD Topics Focused on a Student-Centered Approach to Literacy Instruction:

  • Bookmaking that Supports Meaning Making through Authentic Writing: Grades PreK-K

  • Shared and Interactive Writing: Grades PreK-2

  • Interactive Read-aloud with Response: Grades K-5, 6-8

  • Small Group Instruction and Conferring in Reading/Writing: Grades PreK-5, 6-12

  • Reading/Writing Workshop: Grades K-5, 6-12

  • Effective Revision with Strategy-focused Instruction: Grades 3-5, 6-8

  • Texas STAAR Support with Written Response: Grades 3-5, 6-8




Ways in Which PD Can Be Provided:


Workshops in Person or Virtually:

Presentations on specific topics (listed above) to meet the needs of your staff while keeping it interactive and engaging.  Both half-day and full-day sessions are offered year-round.

In-Class Modeling and Coaching:

Professional development during the school day with the time divided between interactive PD with teachers, demonstration lessons with students, and coaching for teachers as they try out the methods.

Additional Virtual Support:

Whether you're looking for professional development or a follow-up with questions and answers after a previous PD experience, our consultants tailor to your needs virtually.

Speaking Engagements:

Speaking at conferences allows our consultants to enthusiastically share strategies and best practices to larger audiences, meeting the needs of a variety of educators.

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